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Brain Injuries


Injuries to the head which cause brain injuries are relatively common in the UK. According to a recent NHS estimate, 700,000 people visit UK Accident and Emergency hospital departments each year.

Out of these, 135,000 are admitted to the h

Spinal Cord Injuries


Recent figures suggest that 1200 people every year sustain a form of paralysis as a direct result of spinal injuries.

The spinal cord allows the brain to communicate with every part of the body, while the spinal column plays an important par

Chronic Pain Disorders

Chronic pain

Many people that suffer from chronic pain conditions develop such problems through factors that are not contributed to by the negligence of another, such as through genetics.

However, many others suffer seri…

Serious Orthopaedic Injuries

Serious Orthopaedic Injuries

Unfortunately, when the musculoskeletal system suffers serious orthopaedic injury, a person may suffer severe pain and have to undergo extensive rehabilitation after treatment in order to make a recovery.